A few basic tips for looking after your jewellery

Unlike objects that do not last, jewellery can be worn for decades. It can also be passed on to a younger generation. As jewellery is intended to be worn every day, it is frequently exposed to perspiration, dirt, household products (hairspray, chlorine, etc.), make-up, dust and so on. All these factors dull the appearance of […]

How can you style a blazer with shorts for a chic look?

The power of a stellar outfit lies in its ability to communicate individuality, class, and style. One of the latest fashion trends that exude these qualities is the pairing of a blazer with shorts. This versatile look is immensely popular among fashion-conscious women, and for good reason. It perfectly balances the line between casual and […]

What are the best tips for wearing a puffer jacket stylishly?

The puffer jacket, also known as the down jacket, has become a fashion staple in winter wardrobes. Initially designed for extreme weather conditions, it has taken the fashion world by storm, becoming a trendy and warm option for the chilly months. Known for its unique ‘puff’ appearance, the puffer jacket is not only functional but […]

What is the best way to wear a striped shirt in a modern way?

Striped shirts have long been a staple in men’s fashion. The timeless appeal of stripes, whether bold or fine, horizontal or vertical, has cemented its place in the wardrobe of the quintessential gentleman. But how do you take a classic trend and give it a modern twist? For those of you grappling with this question, […]

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