A few basic tips for looking after your jewellery

Unlike objects that do not last, jewellery can be worn for decades. It can also be passed on to a younger generation. As jewellery is intended to be worn every day, it is frequently exposed to perspiration, dirt, household products (hairspray, chlorine, etc.), make-up, dust and so on. All these factors dull the appearance of your beauty accessory, or even damage it altogether. To ensure that your jewellery lasts over time, it's essential to follow certain principles of use. This guide gives you some key tips on how to look after your jewellery.

Avoid contact between your jewellery and chemicals

Ordinary activities, such as washing up, diving into a chlorine pool or gardening, are not usually good bedfellows for wearing jewellery, as they carry a fair amount of risk. Whether we're talking about Evry Jewels or any other type of beauty accessory, it's important to take the necessary precautions to avoid contact with chemicals during these different activities.

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Although the products you use have no negative effects on your health, they could damage the various components of the jewellery you are wearing. If you work in a medical environment, for example, it is advisable to remove your jewellery if you are handling chemicals, even if you are wearing gloves.

Take care to remove your jewellery after a shower or hand wash

Even if you're worried about forgetting your jewellery on the edge of the sink after removing it, before washing your hands or taking a shower, it's important to remember to remove it at all times so that it retains its brilliance over time.

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In fact, precious stones can become tarnished by a small layer of dirt from the use of shampoos, creams or various other body products.  Deposits often form over time and cloud the stone's breech, as they prevent light from reflecting perfectly off the crystal.  As a result, the gemstone sometimes takes on a slightly milky appearance.

You should get into the habit, for example, of removing your rings and putting them away in your pocket before putting your hands under soapy water. This avoids the risk of accidentally slipping them down a drain. This way, your rings will keep their shine. 

Store your jewellery properly after removing it

One of the best ways to look after your beauty accessories is to always put them away in a small suede bag, their case or a jewellery box every time you take them off. This way, your jewellery will be preserved in a precious way and won't risk rolling under the bed or falling on the floor. However, it is advisable not to put several items of jewellery in one pouch to avoid them rubbing against each other.

To sum up, as jewellery is made from precious materials, you need to take good care of it so that it lasts over time. You can, however, have your jewellery checked by a jeweller to ensure that the stones are correctly set.

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